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Reviews for John P. Hale REALTOR, 5 Stars

John Hale offers a rare combination of high ethical standards, bulldog tenacity, and extensive experience. From offer to settlement, Mr. Hale's stellar communication and total commitment to closing the deal made for a low stress transaction. He advocated tirelessly for us and helped us avoid the pitfalls inherent to real estate purchases. If you're looking for a realtor that goes above and beyond to deliver and can be trusted completely to get the job done, then John Hale is your man.


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     Zillow 5-Star Review for John P. Hale, REALTOR

Highly likely to recommend

July 21, 2018 – Kim Young

My husband and I were first time home buyers and John Hale was very helpful throughout the entire process. His knowledge and response time via phone and email was greatly appreciated. We saw many houses and put offers on several and John was helpful through all of it. John reminded us of things that needed to be done for the purchase of our house and provided tips and information when we needed it.


Highly likely to recommend John P. Hale, REALTOR

Highly likely to recommend

May 2, 2018 – zuser

Mr. Hale has extensive experience and he delivers.  As first time home buyers of new construction, he was able to articulate each step of the process and prepare us for the common pitfalls of this process.  We were able to avoid costly mistakes through is direction and his experience provided us peace of mind through each step.  He is honest, timely and the ultimate professional.  He knows the real estate business and gives 100% to all his clients at all times.


Highly Likely to recommend John P. Hale, REALTOR

Highly likely to recommend

May 1, 2018 – Joe Ross

As a first-time home buyer it is difficult to describe how unprepared I was to navigate the minefield that is purchasing a home. Between shifting builder timelines, eleventh hour surprises from your lender, and all the mechanics of relocating your life, you will be lucky to get to the finish line unscathed. This despite all parties involved repeating the refrain that your interest is their interest. What's truly exceptional is when one of those parties actually means it when they say it.


In our case that was John Hale. He answered all of our questions from the ones we had, to the ones we should have had. He quizzed our builder on HOA and front fees while advising us on the essentials of homeowners coverage. At one point in the process he saved us from paying an unnecessary home inspection fee of $150 which, while small change to some, would pale in comparison to his next miracle.


Our final lender disclosure letter arrived around four days before we were scheduled to close. Let's just say it was off and it was off by a magnitude of 50 systolic points (roughly 30% vs. our original estimate). We knew this had to be wrong and it was wrong. John made the lender realize how wrong it was (citing legal code and all) and in the process salvaged a sale that otherwise would not have occurred.

Mr. Hale was extremely responsive throughout the entire process; if he couldn't call he emailed and if he couldn't email he called. I can't imagine his knowledge base or professionalism being rivaled by many in the state of Maryland and would strongly recommend him for any property dealings.


Highly likely to recommend John P. Hale

Highly likely to recommend

November 22, 2017 - FSBO

We tried to sell our home at first without a real estate agent and had no luck.  In a short period of time, John found the perfect buyer so that we are now able to move into our dream retirement home.  A true professional in every sense.  Always accessible, responsive and thorough.  We would highly him, not only for his in-depth knowledge and experience in all aspects of real estate, but primarily due to his honesty and integrity.  He is by far one of the best agents we have ever worked with!



Testimonials Prior to 2010 - Tucson, AZ

April 6, 2009 - Thomas Bullock
John Hale of Touchstone Residential Realty has successfully completed two recent Tucson real estate transactions for me.  His real estate expertise is exceptional and his prompt answers to all my requests have been quickly and thoroughly handled with speed and accuracy.  John protected my legal and financial real estate interests knowledgeably in both buying and selling.  I would recommend him without any reservations.

January 7, 2007 – Stephen C. Kettman

I want to thank you for selling my house at 5910 N. Williams Dr. in Tucson last month.

I accepted a job offer out of town and needed to sell my home as soon as possible. You spoke with me several times on the telephone at length prior to selecting an agent (other real estate agents wouldn't even return my calls). I appreciate how you discussed the real estate market and the importance of pricing my house correctly, You stressed that by pricing my house too high now, I would risk not selling it and would have to lower the price in the future, You indicated that a house just a block away had not sold in 7 months and that they had lowered their asking price multiple times, a situation I wanted to avoid.

Based on your advice, I had an appraisal done and we came up with the listing price.  Within two days on the market there were multiple offers and within several days after that I had two full price offers, I appreciate how you helped me decide the better of the two offers to accept and how to fill out the paperwork. Being out of town at this point, you provided invaluable assistance in scheduling the necessary inspections and repair work" You consistently kept me up to date via email and by phone and I always knew exactly where we were at in the process.

Your experience, professionalism, integrity, and thoroughness made the selling of my home go as smoothly as possible and I am grateful for that.


December 2, 2006 - Roger L. Bacharach

Over the past several months I worked with John Hale to initiate, bring to close, and record the sale of my parents property in Arizona. The transaction had three integrated yet separate facets, to work through to bring the sale to a successful close.  The ages of my parents, 92 and 96, the property for sale was located in Tucson, AZ and my parents, prior to the sale, had moved to Lancaster, PA, finally the declining real estate market across the country.


Mr. Hale was required to resolve these issues to bring the sale to a completion. When we start the sale process, house for sale inventories in Tucson were at 3000 when we finished those inventories were at about 9000 properties. The overabundance of properties alone was difficult to overcome. I think though, most accomplished real estate agents could work through that. There were other problems that required a lot more effort, skill, and knowledge of the industry ins and outs that other agents would not or could not have done to assist his client, an agents first job and priority. One such issue was: during the sale process many notarized signatures were required from my parents. One set of signatures, the last set, (due to eleventh hour actions by the buyer) was required on a weekend. My mother is confined to a nursing home and therefore could not travel to a notary. Finding a notary to travel is difficult. Finding one that will travel on a weekend is damn near impossible.  I could not find one. I called John and explained this. He said give him some time.  A little later he called back and gave me a notaries name and telephone number that would go to the home to witness and notarize the signatures. That day the sale was completed. I believe it would not have happened if Mr. Hale was not the level of real estate agent that he is.


I know these sort of letters reflect on all the parties concerned. If there are any questions about Mr. Hales level of qualification as an agent or his concern for his clients please feel free to contact me.


November 28, 2005 - Daniel & Heidi Shapiro

I recently transferred with my employer from Los Angeles to our Tucson plant. While in town interviewing, arrangements where made to have a realtor show us around town. My wife and I were fortunate to be paired up with John Hale. Without obligation, John spent the entire afternoon showing housing areas throughout Tucson and surrounding cities.  My wife and I were immediately impressed with John’s straightforward, no nonsense approach to realty. When I accepted the offer to transfer, there was no question whether we would use John to find our first home.  John made buying a home out of state a lot less stressful. While we were packing in California, John was present for both the roof and home inspections. When the home appraisal came back significantly lower than our offer price, he explained our options, helped us proceed and ultimately helped us get the house.

We would not hesitate recommending John to our friends and co-workers. When the time comes for use to sell our current house, it will be our pleasure to have John Hale in our corner once again.


August 2005 – Kathy & Steve Gelande

My husband and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to your office and specifically to Mr. John Hale. I am a Realtor with the Mel Foster Company in Rock Island, IL and was looking for an agent (to sell our Tucson townhouse) that we could establish a good trusting relationship with across the country.  It’s not easy selling a house when you are 2000 miles away.  When I call John back in May and asked him many questions, he impressed me right away with knowledge of the area and his confidant attitude.  He immediately sent us comparatives for that area and we were very impressed (and pleased) with the market value price that our home had inflated to.


John was very personable and friendly and put us at ease immediately when we talked to him on the phone and also when we finally were able to meet him in June.  John always gave us excellent advice, but always left the ultimate decision-making to us.  John is a man with great integrity in regards to the rules of your company and he was always up to date with current forms and policies. Even though I am a realtor, I learned about all the different real estate laws and policies between Arizona and Illinois/Iowa from John.


We will highly recommend John Hale and Long Realty to anyone we may know who would be interested in moving to Tucson. John is a great asset to your firm and we are pleased, that out of all the realtors in Tucson, that we picked him!


June 25, 2005 – Pam & Bob Allen

We recently purchased a new home in Tucson. Our realtor, Jim McGovern, was on vacation and John Hale stepped in to help us. It was a five days of looking at houses, making offers and loosing the house. As they say, “the third time’s a charm” and we were finally able to purchase a home. John did a wonderful job on all fronts. He was persistent, encouraging and thorough. We had many phone conversations, both day and night. He literally dropped everything to make it happen for us.  We would like to commend John for his diligence and professionalism. We are so happy to have had the chance to get to know and work with him.


March 17, 2005 – Jake & Valerie Johnson

My husband and I had been talking about retiring to Tucson for a couple of years and every time we’d visit our son and his family, we’d look at model homes. Sometime in September of 2004, we decided to see a real estate agent and we selected Long Realty.  John Hale was on floor duty that day. From the very first meeting John was professional, honest and straightforward about what he could do for us. At subsequent meetings, John was always well prepared and timely. He gave us a packet of information about buying a home, moving companies, corporate housing, house inspections, termite inspections, etc.  We were impressed!

I have lived in California all my life and my husband too, for most of his adult life. The information John Hale provided was invaluable. It made what could have been a traumatic experience, a very smooth and hassle free transition to Tucson.

With John, we put in offers on three consecutive pieces of property.  All were accepted.  The first piece of property we backed out of.  Johns was very understanding about our change of mind and talked us through the process of discovering what we really wanted in a home, in terms of amenities, location, etc. The second property we cancelled because the Seller refused to make needed corrections/improvements as determined by a house inspection and roof inspection. (We are so pleased the John suggested a house and roof inspection!) The third property is currently in escrow and is set to close on March 23rd. We are very excited because it has every feature we wanted.  In the sea of real estate agents/consultants, we consider ourselves blessed to have hooked-up with John P. Hale.

June 28, 2004 – Bruce MacQuarrie

I am writing this letter commending the outstanding service performed for the MacQuarrie family by your agent, John Hale.

I drove to Tucson in April, from New Jersey after having spent much time exchanging emails with John. I was immediately attracted to his website as it stands out from all others in  Tucson. John was extremely helpful in pre-screening and sending property information to us. I spoke to John on the phone several times and arranged to meet with him when I arrived in Tucson. I had internet information on a lot of properties and John was invaluable in steering me in the right direction with regards to quality of living, close proximity to schools, availability of services, etc. After showing me many properties the choice was narrowed down to six. My wife flew to Arizona and chose one of the six. I don’t think any agent from any realty company would have taken the time or demonstrated the patience shown to us by John. To make a long story short, we closed on a home in the Sabino Canyon area today. We are still in New Jersey so everything was handled by John and First American Title. We will be residents of Tucson toward the end of July.


I cannot say enough about the “over and above” treatment we received from John Hale, it was outstanding. Be sure that I will recommend him to anyone I come across that may be buying or selling a home in Tucson.  Many thanks for a job well done!


January 23, 2004 – Steve & Judy Miklosi

We would like to take this opportunity to convey our appreciation for the excellent job John P. Hale as done in representing us in the sale of our home. Throughout the entire process John had been very thorough in explaining the procedures and steps involved with selling a house here in Arizona. Since for us it was the first time we had sold a house in Arizona we ha found that some of the process was different than what we were familiar with from other states that we had sold homes in. John’s level of professionalism was not only appreciated by us, but the comment was made by the buyers agent as well what a pleasure it was to work with John on this particular sale.  Because of this, we have no problems recommending John to our friends who may be in need of an agent to represent them in real estate transactions.


September 12, 2003 Beth Rullman

I recently moved to the Tucson area as an employee in the Daimler-Chrysler relocation program.  When Cendant Mobility referred me to Long Realty, I was hoping for an agent that could not only assist me in meeting my home needs, but also could help acquaint me with the Tucson area.  I'm writing this leeter to acknowledge the superior performance of one of your agents.


John Hale was assigned to help me and was as if I had hand-picked him myself.  He assessed my home needs quickly and narrowed my scope to meet my request to expedite my home purchase.  He kept me informed of the progress of my purchase and gave me helpful information to make well-informed decisions and assist me in setting up my household, and has been available to answer and assist me with all my on-going needs.


As a manager myself, I feel it is important to recognize individuals demonstrating outstanding service and commitment.  John has exceeded all my expectations and should be acknowledged.


September 9, 2003 Bryon Matsuda

I would like to thank you for the friendly and effective service which John Hale provided for my wife Laurel and myself during the past month.  We have been able to purchase a great home and close on it within 5 weeks of our arrival to Tucson.


My new supervisor, a newcomer also to Tucson, recommended John to me even before we arrived in town.  John met with Laurel for many hours our first week here and intensively guided her house hunt because my new employment limited my time to participate.  Laurel found John not only to be an expert in real estate but also a professional who understood our needs and wants quickly.  Soon, during the process we also found John to be extremely trustworthy.  He was looking out for our best interest and our right purchase, not any purchase.


I appreciate all the special contacts he has provided to keep things in order.  His tracking and arrangements have made this home purchase work.  Thanks to John and Long Realty.


July 3, 2003 – William J. Lynn

Recently my wife and I purchased a home in the Tucson area. We were assisted in the search for and purchase of the home by John P. Hale with Long Realty Co. The entire process was more difficult than usual due to the fact that we could only be in Tucson for a very limited time.


Mr. Hale regularly screened listings for us and kept us informed when suitable properties became available. He arranged showings to fit our tight visit schedule. He worked diligently during final negotiations to complete the transaction.


All necessary documents for the transaction were prepared accurately and in a timely professional manner. Mr. Hale assisted in arranging the required inspections to coincide with our time in Tucson.  We were not present at closing.  Our trust in Mr. Hale is such that he was authorized to represent us at closing. We would recommend Mr. Hale, without qualification, to anyone considering a real estate purchase.


June 23, 2003 - George and Marcia Chatalas

I am writing to acknowledge the professionalsim and excellent customer service provided to us by a Long Realty agent, Mr. John Hale.  Mr. Hale recently assisted us in the purchase of a home in the Nucson National neighborhood.  He did an excellent job in helping us access the home.  He was very thorough and conscientious in advising us on the steps of the offer and the purchase.  With Mr. Hale seemingly always available we were all able to execute each activity efficiently and without delay.  We expect to remain in this house for several years, but know that if we need an agent, we'd call upon John again for assistance.  We will whole-heartedly recommend him to our friends and someone who can be relied upon to work tenaciously and competently on their behalf.  We were very impressed with John's technical knowledge, and his easy and confident manner made working with him an absolute pleasure.  He is an asset to the real estate profession.


May 15, 2003 - Rik & Theresa Schmidt

In late January 2003 I walked into the Long Realth office on Ina, looking for a realtor to assist me in my search for a home.  I had just relocated to Tucson to begin a new career and I was intent on securint a new home as soon as possible so that my wife, Theresa and son Erik, could join me.


I had the good fortune of meeting John Hale that Saturday morning.  John had floor duty and graciously took the time to meet with me and discuss my situation and our family's needs.  I was immediately struck by his direct, no nonsense approach to working with prospective buyers and I also appreciated his detailed explanation of the buyer's representative responsibilities and commitment.  By the end of the day, I had received the necessary paperwork from John and within a few days had formalized our working relationship.  It turned out to be an excellent decision.


Over the course of the next three months, John spent quality time with me and my wife, who periodically flew down from Washington State, touring the different neighborhoods of the city, viewing a number of homes and, just as importantly, spending the necessary time to find out exactly what our needs and preferences were.  He was cordial, professional, and extremely trustworthy.  He followed through on every commitment to us and on many occasions, offered suggestions or insights that proved invaluable.  Ultimately, we did locate the home we wanted and John did a wonderful job of meeting our every need throughout the purchasing process.  As a matter of fact, near the end of the closing process, I had to return to Washington to attend my Mother's funeral as well as help my wife with final moving arrangements.  John displayed sensitivity and quiet professionalism during this high stressful time and, with truly exceptional skill and grace, coordinated the last-minute revision of paperwork completed in error by our lender.  We remain very grateful to John for his remarkable efforts during this period in our lives.


December 12, 2001 - Joe & Debbie O'Shaughnessy

We recently had the pleasure of working with John Hale of Long Realty Company towards the purchase of a home in the Tucson area.  John provided timely and excellent service ina process that was carried out almost entirely long distance.


We first met John in person this summer during a weekend visit to Tucson,  John spent many hours with us, getting to know our requirements and preferences in acquiring a second home in the area.  We also got to know a great deal about John during this time, and found him to be professional of upstanding character and outstanding judgment.  It was very important to us that we could trust our real estate agent, since we knew that the purchase would most likely be completed via phone, fax and mail rather than in person.  John more than fulfilled our requirements, and was diligent in keeping us informed of property on the market which met our needs.  When we decided to put an offer in on our new home, it was with great confidence since John answered every question and concern we had about the property.  The entire process from purchase offer to final closing was accomplished long distance, with John facilitating the transaction from start to finish.  the first time we laid eyes on the property in person was six weeks after the closing, and we were not disappointed.  It was even better than we expected, and we knew we made the right choice in selecting John as our agent.


We would recommend John Hale to anyone interested in buying or selling real estate in the Tucson area, and we know that he is an asset to your company and the real estate profession.



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